Friday, 15 April 2011

Rope Lad

Another ropey fellow I produced. This was a larger drawing, on A2. Still don't think i've got it quite right though, so will probably do another rope man soon.


I came across an old stetchbook recently, and there was a picture I did a few years back of a man made of rope. No idea why I originally did it, but thought i'd have a go at updating it.

Bat Man (not that one though)

Fancied doing something quite intricate, so did this A3 picture.

Tongue Lashing

I've been drawing Greetings cards a lot recently, so though i'd try and knock out a few larger scale pieces. This is an A2 piece I did, loosely based around the term 'Tongue lashing'. It can be purchased as a T-Shirt from Halu Clothing -

Bizzle Dizzle

Not sure which of these I prefer, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Gangsta' or Fighter?


One of two versions of this card I have done. Not sure how large the 'Fight' greetings' card market is, but I like to think somebody out there may need one, one day.